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November 2, 2014


Support For The "Revival of Detroit"

When one thinks of desperate places in the world, so many fit the description. The very definition of the term “third-world” implies desperation in the extreme. There are not, however, too many places in the United States that would meet that criteria. We were shocked to discover that Detroit does and in a big way. We saw poverty as we have never seen it at home, crime that reaches epidemic proportions, and conditions that would rival those in the most deplorable slums. What we saw were hurting people in need of some good news. Seeing the plite of so many people in our own backyard has inspired World Hope to create and build a community revival project. A day care center, after school programs, medical clinics and whatever else is needed to show hope to a group of people our government and society has dismissed as unimportant. This is where you can help others in need! Please click on the World Hope logo for more information about World Hope projects and how you can be apart of the revival.